Terminology and Schizophrenia: A Proposal for Times of Change

From a scientific point of view, neither the term ‘schizophrenia’, nor the concept to which it refers, are satisfactory. End-users of mental health services usually think the term to be intrinsically stigmatizing. At present, much thought is occurring world-wide, on ways to construct systems of psychiatric diagnosis which are scientifically more valid, and more acceptable publicly. The New Zealand Schizophrenia Research Group is currently moving towards setting up a Volunteer Research Register, to enlist the help of members of the public for research on ‘schizophrenia and related disorders’ (as a provisional phrase). This being so, the issue of terminology cannot be dodged. This short paper is intended not as a final statement, but as part of an on-going discussion which is likely to continue for some years. Comments are welcomed and should be sent to:- octspan.robertmiller@gmail.com
Terminology and Schizophrenia
posted 04.10.2015.

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